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Growing up in the Future

Thanks servers, nice one internet. Now we can’t forget any of the things. No-one can. It’s logged somewhere. This is the future, sunshine.

We’ve grown up in era that records time differently to any other. We are our own surveillance system. The keyboard’s mightier then the pen! Unless there’s a power cut. Of course, we are not the first to witness life changing technology but we are the coolest and most rad, because we can tell everyone, IN CAPS, directly to one another.

Reminds me. I must ask my parents what it was like growing up with the introduction of the magic moving picture boxes. The very same boxes we carry around in our pockets and strap to our eyeballs to enter. We are living in Willy Wonka times.

willy wonka

Technology’s great isn’t it!

What’s it like growing up with computer games and more importantly, what’s next?

No really…

Battle Brothers header

Battle Brothers – Early Access Look

What makes a good early access game? How can you trust such a changeable thing? The money could dry up at any time. Endings might be forsaken. No resolution. 

Why, that’s an easy questions to answer!

Does the game have a clear roadmap?

I’m glad to say Battle Brothers does indeed have a plan. Good.

Does the game receive regular updates ?

Silence, inaction and a lack of meaningful progression cause mild panic attacks and a faint sadness behind the eyes. Luckily Battle Brothers has received a fair few updates since I last tried checked it out and has been much improved.

So the last question we have…. Is Battle Brothers worth your time?

Come and find out. I said COME IN!

Police Tactics Imperio header

Police Tactics Imperio


I do enjoy a nice isometric town with small people to bother. Let’s bother all the small people. Clicking their little heads. Go on, move… move on my command. Cue mighty laughter.

So you command a police force: The computer game. Wonderful. I really do enjoy these types or games and it’s been a while since I’ve played a decent one. Imperio…. isn’t that a make of car? What a rather silly name.

Ok, let’s talk about why this game pisses me off so much.

More Polis

New York Observations

Idiot musings of a Londoner wandering the streets in some form of gigantic apple.

Hooray! So I went to that Americos, the Land of the Free an’ that. It was fun. How does it compare to sunny, upbeat cheery London?

Would you like a fantastic and exciting list on my findings?

Top 7 list

Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit

Go 8 Bit

Someone once told me that “watching passively as someone plays video games on TV is pointless, redundant, boring.”

I nodded, then patiently waited for them to leave the room, so I could enjoy my time of passive telly watching in peace.

Go 8 Bit is a show continuing in the vein of the many other British comedy/quiz panel shows we’ve had over the past 20 years.

  • Never Mind the Buzzcocks, celebrities making jokes about/answering questions about music.
  • They Think it’s All Over – celebrities making jokes about/answering questions about sport.
  • QI – celebrities making jokes about/answering questions about being crap at all other quizzes.

But this one is alright, because it’s about something we all know and care about, right?! Computer games!

Its a GAMES show geddit

Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival

Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival: 1.3 Update


Kick Off Revival received a much needed update. Wait, has anyone played it since release? I haven’t. I wonder if they included any bloody game modes? Who knows, it might even be alright.

Hey, do you know when the game media becomes a gibbering wreck for certain games and can’t shut the fuck up about it. Lets see how one of those follow up articles looks when the games without any hype and the game is, in fact, quite shit.

Let’s talk about the forgotten Kick Off Revival. That’s a thing to do, right?

So what’s new? Is the game better? Does my hair look nice today?


Zelda header

Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Weeeeeeeeeeeee gameplay

As a general rule, never get excited about anything. Ever. 

Look at this below! Only 44 seconds of your time! I mean, it’s Link flying around an open world like a lunatic!

Still… Could be rubbish though.

You see that bit when Link dropped a bomb!

Might turn out to be another bloody disappointment. Bet Link has a tiny inventory.