Early Access

In some cases an excellent peer reviewed creation of a game.
In others a terrible excuse to sell a broken game.

Battle Brothers header

Battle Brothers – Early Access Look

What makes a good early access game? How can you trust such a changeable thing? The money could dry up at any time. Endings might be forsaken. No resolution. 

Why, that’s an easy questions to answer!

Does the game have a clear roadmap?

I’m glad to say Battle Brothers does indeed have a plan. Good.

Does the game receive regular updates ?

Silence, inaction and a lack of meaningful progression cause mild panic attacks and a faint sadness behind the eyes. Luckily Battle Brothers has received a fair few updates since I last tried checked it out and has been much improved.

So the last question we have…. Is Battle Brothers worth your time?

Come and find out. I said COME IN!

House of the Dying Sun

House of the Dying Sun

House of the Dying Sun 6

Despite how it looks, I’m doing rather well here. Honest.

SHORT REVIEW: Early access REVIEW – PC Version

Put away your flightsticks young man. Please remain calm sir, I’m not talking about VR Porn.

The resurgence of the space flight sim is a wonderful thing. The games industry ignored the genre and you hear the sound of a thousand publishers weeping as Star Citizen crosses the $100,000,000,000,000.24 mark.

On first glance you would think my trusty flight stick would get a run out here, but nope. Control pad recommended, as this has more in common with Colony Wars on the Playstation than Elite Dangerous.

Let’s hold hands to cross the road as we ask the question, to looming trucks headlights. Is that a good thing?

From the official website – “right now I have no plans to add or change anything major to the game. The remaining work will center around bugs, weapons, upgrades, wave clear, and mission balance.” Great. Let’s review this sucker now and revisit on official release.

Blast Off an’ that