He did it! It was the one armed man!

the greasy strangler

The Greasy Strangler

Director: Jim Hosking / Screenplay: Jim Hosking, Toby Harvard / Release date: 22 January 2016

Actors: Michael St. Michaels, Sky Elobar / Genre: Comedy/Horror ‧ 1.5h

The title’s a bit of a giveaway, right.

I do enjoy FrightFest; each year has the potential to throw up a surprise or two…

…Wait! This wasn’t on the Horror Channel? Wait… Joey Jo Jo had the telly on a channel that wasn’t the Horror Channel? What’s going on around here?! Anyway…

The Greasy Strangler carries the tag of “horror” although it’s far closer to a comedy. A gross nonsensical comedy.


annihilation header


Director: Alex Garland / Screenplay: Alex Garland / Release date: 12 March 2018

Actors: Natalie Portman / Genre: Thriller/Horror ‧ 2h

Sometimes a film comes along that reminds me why I watch films in the first place.

Annihilation brings us the “Shimmer”. A strange phenomenon brought forth from falling asteroid. Yes. A bloody asteroid! What do we do when we find a Shimmer? We submit to the inevitable horror shenanigans and investigate.

Best send in the scientists.


Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek returns to our screens after a 12 year hiatus. Wait… are we seriously counting Enterprise?

Star Trek returns to our screens after a 16 year hiatus. Unrelated to the recent JJ Abrams action films we follow Michael Burnham’s adventure 10 years prior to the original Star Trek series. You know the one, with that Kirk bloke. It also looks a lot like the JJ Abrams action films.

Ignoring the cosy Star Trek format of the past, this series tells the overarching story of a war. Yes. A bloody war.

Wait… is this a soft reboot? Urgh… that term. Oh well. Let’s not judge too hastily, despite the sheer endorphin pleasure of doing so.



Preacher – The Last Preachering: Part 3


We have entered a somewhat dreary mid-point, can they pull it back? Let’s take one last final look at Preacher, as there’s little more to say about the show. That’s not a good sign.

I very much suspect the show will end with a big-bash-boosh of a tarty ending. So let’s all assume we’re all happy at the end and looking forward to the next series, which would, no doubt, be bigger and better.

You can read excitable gibberish about episodes 1 and 2 here, and less excitable nonsense on episodes 3 & 4 here.

It’s still mostly-spoiler free cos nothings fucking happened.


preacher cover

Preacher – Follow up


Excitement can lead to words like “tantalising” and “relentless”. Madness I say.

A great pilot doth not maketh the great show so let’s, once again, plunge slightly sideways into the gruesome world of Preacher.

I asked the question can Preacher keep up the relentless pace?

Well do ya? Punk?

You can read excitable gibberish about episodes 1 and 2 here, which might help with the following.


preacher header


Spoiler-free Television Review: Season 1 – Episodes 1 & 2

A “thing” happens to misery-guts Preacher Jesse Custer. Finding out what that is, is half the fun. Unless you’ve read the comics… That’s ok. You can derive pleasure by complaining it’s not identical to the drawings. It’s a Win – Win!

Sorry, it’s now far too late to read through the Preacher back catalogue or even flick through IMDB. Best get watchin’ the first episode. C’mon quick, before its thoroughly spoiled by loved ones, friends and disgusting social media.

Before you start, I best warn you that the comic didn’t hold back on its strong themes, with a grand capacity to be crude, violent and outlandish in equal measure. Also, as you can tell from the title of the show. There might be the odd religious thing thrown into the mix.

Excited aren’t you.

YEP… Nod