The Office (not that one)

Now would seem like a good time to release a free game.

An adventure game based on my real life office job. Yes, these are real (mostly) consenting adults forever bronzed in the magic of computer games.

Features excellent background music (speak to Helen) and terrible music (also speak to Helen).

Your mission?

What everyone working in an office would like to do.

Go home early!

Featuring the secret room, secret music, secret endings, hell, a secret intro. So many secrets. So much content you will never ever find.

Look, push and bother everything

Yes. The main menu features a pleasant honking sound! Just click “Not that one”.

You know in these kinda games where you look at something and it has a stock phrase. Not this game! You know when you use an object on something and it says “I can’t do that”. Not on my watch! You push that chair. Push middle management. Push that everything you can because it just might pay off. Rarely.

Please squint and enjoy…

The Office (not that one)

Download Link for Windows

Name changed for legal and physical violence reasons.

Install Instructions: –

Click the above link to download the zip file.

Unzip with your favoured zip-based software. Yes. You must.

Double Click TheOffice.exe to play.

Need to mess with the settings? Open “winsetup”.

Any problems with audio? You might need to change “sound options” under advanced. You want full screen, you can make it so, baby. So many options. If the intro video doesn’t work, man. I can’t help you there. It’s pretty damn flaky, but rest assured you are not missing anything significant.

In the game itself you have a tutorial for those that had never played adventure games before (which was a lot of those people featured in the game itself) and an options screen to slowdown or speedup the text.

Top Tip – Right click starts conversations with the office peeps. Right click looks at objects in the world. THE JOY!

It should be pretty bug free, but if you come across any please let me know via twitter or email.