Songs on Loop

You know when a song gets trapped in ya heed.

Do, do, do, do. Can’t get the theme song out my head. Do, do, do do. Help me. The music. It won’t stop. Do, do, do do.

Songs on Loop

Songs on Loop #24

At your leisure, slip into your finest lounge suit and prepare for something… sensual. 

I had no idea what to expect. I just knew I wanted to see him in action.

Full action.

So much action.

One of the most enjoyable live gigs I’d ever been to. I’ll always remember the day I saw Donny Benét.


Donny Benét – Working Out


Songs on Loop

Songs on Loop – #12

Monsta Island Czars – Mic Line

A bit of the ol’ hippidy-hops. I’m afraid we missed out on the wholesome Xmas and New Year songs. Sorry.

What you need is a nice scratchy irritable sound to compliment this bleak cold beginning to a year. There’s something strangely addictive about this racket. Would make for a good ringtone, especially in a nice quiet library.

Before DOOM we had: –

Not into the man-talking music? That’s ok… I also had some man-shouting trapped in my head. Take your pick. It’s like a popular song this! Shocking.


Lastly I’m happy to report Run the Jewels 3 came out over the Xmas period. Hooray! It’s good too. Sign up from their website the freebie.

Extra Extra

Songs on Loop

Songs on Loop – #11

We The People…. – A Tribe Called Quest

For the first time in my life I’d watched an entire episode of Saturday Night Live because Dave Chappelle took over the show to recreate the early 2000s. The music was provided by A Tribe Called Quest, which was cool.

Anyway, forget word nonsense. Just have a listen of the second track of the new album. I had no idea they had a new album.

A short word

sings on loop fi

Songs on Loop – #6


Was tough choice between Run the Jewels and Christopher Walken saying “Pistachios” on loop over and over again, but it appears I dreamt that.

A wise man plays Run The Jewels as loudly as possible.

Especially this track.



This song was trapped in my head for a good 2 weeks in July.