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Agatha Christie the ABC Murders – Short Review: PS4 Version

Poirot Memory Game

The storm briefly subsides as the door opens wildly. Bundled through the long corridor we reach a small side room where two burly men swiftly move inside, planting the subject firmly in the chair. A smaller calm gentleman enters, nods and leaves. One of the burly men removes the hood and Joey Jo Jo winces under the glare of the singular burning lamp, she blinks and her calm demeanour instantly returns. One of the burly men snorts as they manhandle the door and exit.

She smirks a little and her icy composure returns. 2 hours pass before the door finally opens.

So we meet again

Hey, It’s That Guy!


Every so often you’re flicking through TV channels and you come across a serious law enforcement drama. You know, like CSI or Law & Order. Or maybe NCIS. Or maybe NCIS Los Angeles. Then you notice that it stars LL Cool J & Chris ‘O Donnell. Where’s Chris ‘O Donnell been all this time?  I’m not sure if I can take him seriously as a policeman or whatever NCIS officers are. Why does something explode in every single episode of this show?

Sorry, I got slightly distracted there. Hey, I recognise that lady playing his boss…


Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit

Go 8 Bit

Someone once told me that “watching passively as someone plays video games on TV is pointless, redundant, boring.”

I nodded, then patiently waited for them to leave the room, so I could enjoy my time of passive telly watching in peace.

Go 8 Bit is a show continuing in the vein of the many other British comedy/quiz panel shows we’ve had over the past 20 years.

  • Never Mind the Buzzcocks, celebrities making jokes about/answering questions about music.
  • They Think it’s All Over – celebrities making jokes about/answering questions about sport.
  • QI – celebrities making jokes about/answering questions about being crap at all other quizzes.

But this one is alright, because it’s about something we all know and care about, right?! Computer games!

Its a GAMES show geddit

Hey its that guy2

Hey It’s That Guy!


I’m actually finding it really difficult to write this edition of “Hey, It’s That Guy!” as I should probably just post a photo and his name and then leave you to your own personal “A-ha!” moment.

You’ll look at the photo, say “Huh, I can’t believe I couldn’t remember this guy’s name!” and think of at least 3 films you’ve seen him in.

If you’ve seen any horror/sci-fi films over the last 40-50 years, you must know today’s “that guy”.


Hey, It's That Guy!

Hey, It’s That Guy!

What’s this post about?

So, you’re sitting at home watching a film and you shout, “Hey, it’s that guy!” then proceed to argue with whoever else is around you about the last film where you saw them.

Obviously, you can reach out for your nearest internet device and look them up on Wikipedia or IMDb, but you won’t, as you have no idea what their character is called. Basically, I’m preparing you to win future pub quizzes and game shows. (more…)