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Top 3 Computer Game Soundtracks

Recently some of the contributors of Input Error went to the IMAX as part of the BFI film festival to see “DJ Yoda Does Videogames”.

A selection of video game soundtracks and games-inspired videos from the last 30 odd years on a gigantic screen? It was great.

Now thats-a-gots-us-a-thinkings. What are our favourite computer soundtracks?

I’m sure many of you will mutually smile, slap each other on the knee, and agree with a few of the choices below. Who knows, you might debate who’s massively wrong and why. Best keep that to yourself though.


theway title

The Way

theway shipshot

Why, it’s a spaceship. Anyway, blap blap blap.


The Way was successfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign, citing inspiration from Another World, Heart of Darkness and Flashback. And introducing Pixel art, nostalgias best friend. 

What a promising start to The Way. A sombre introduction with beautiful artwork. I’m looking forward to this.

Shall we compare the game and art direction to some other things? I like that. I’m sure you do too: –

  • Ok, it’s like “Gods Will be Watching” meets 2D “Dreamweb”
  • Or maybe “Chuckie Egg” meets “Custer’s Revengeance”
  • How about “Another World” meets something with pixels.

Anyway, Looks nice, Let’s start this sucker up


Postal Redux


I didn’t play Postal the first time round but I do have vague memories of the media nonsense surrounding it. Why… It was a very long time ago now.

I had to look it up, how the hell would I remember any of this? Bloody hell, was originally released in 1997. Now we have the Redux released a couple of days ago.

Has Father Time been kind to Postal?

Was a remaster warranted?