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Welcome to Inputerror and well done for making the correct choice in reading the “About us” page.

We shall laugh, cry and go on exciting adventures together, or read things sat in an office chair. This is a place of learning, lies and acceptable debate, you prick.

This is an exciting place where we mostly review and observe things. Things such as Videogames, Films, Telly-shows, yes, even Music.

Quite a lot of the terminology used will be alien to those not already buried in this world of computer games gibberish. A handy Glossary is here

Too often videogames and films come and go with incredible fanfare and ridiculous hype. I don’t much care for such things so we review things a little differently around here…

A guide between a Short review and a Retrospective Review is here.

What do the crazy numbers mean? Our scoring system lies here

We also host delightful Features such as why we hate or love things in wonderful detail.

A page of sorts has been set up on that Facebook thing if you would like to visit and comment here

Who are we?

The current humans that write gibberish for all to enjoy are:

Kindly Mr Scott Pritchar@DrMcScott







The delightful Joey Jo Jo

Marvin the martian

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The Darling Steven Morgan

steve morgan hamster

Rather Dashing one might say








The potentially unstable GamerDownStreet who may or may not be angry. @GamerDownStreet – Possibly Deceased.

young link

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Faulstinho Di Trickyshit – International Football superstar and model.


Simply the best






And introducing: –

Hector Noseworthy: Detective and lover.


The Villainous Sloane

and lastly the system administrator and master of all is Mr Cheesegrater, everyone’s friend and confidant.

Mr CheeseGrater

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