Songs on Loop – #11

We The People…. – A Tribe Called Quest

For the first time in my life I’d watched an entire episode of Saturday Night Live because Dave Chappelle took over the show to recreate the early 2000s. The music was provided by A Tribe Called Quest, which was cool.

Anyway, forget word nonsense. Just have a listen of the second track of the new album. I had no idea they had a new album.

Bloody hell, that was a surprise wasn’t it!

I’ve listened to the new album solidly for a week, with the first two track receiving special attention. “We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, so we should give thanks to the great gods of copy and paste when finding the album.

The album is an unexpected gift. How many artists or bands return after 25-odd years to produce music, or even a single track, anywhere close to their seminal albums? I ended up having to listen to the back catalogue for the hundredth time.

Special mention to new album tracks The Space Program (which I would have linked, but has been taken down), Mobius and Dis Generation.

Check out the album and enjoy.