Preacher – The Last Preachering: Part 3


We have entered a somewhat dreary mid-point, can they pull it back? Let’s take one last final look at Preacher, as there’s little more to say about the show. That’s not a good sign.

I very much suspect the show will end with a big-bash-boosh of a tarty ending. So let’s all assume we’re all happy at the end and looking forward to the next series, which would, no doubt, be bigger and better.

You can read excitable gibberish about episodes 1 and 2 here, and less excitable nonsense on episodes 3 & 4 here.

It’s still mostly-spoiler free cos nothings fucking happened.

Where’s the fun? That Preacher glee? The over the top outrage, the stupidity, the anything?

The relationships between characters are breaking down before we get the chance to enjoy them. 7 Episodes… In just 7 episodes you can become a best friend with someone by just hanging around a place.


Couple of fun lads.

The best thing by far are the bumbling angels that light the screen up, every single time they appear. We need more moments with the angels. The pilot had Tulip as she should be, a bad-ass action hero, not pottering around town cooking din-dins. Jesse’s face is now synonymous with dreary, where’s the twinkle in his eye? Strangely, amoral Cassidy is the less fun voice of reason? Arseface the joke character has a gritty backstory… how the hell did they manage to suck the fun out of an arse for a face? Saying that, I wouldn’t mind watching Les Mis-arse-bles.

Sure thing, change the characters, mix up the story, I’m all for it. But the the perverted glee, the adventure and the sacrilegious themes have been gutted from the soul of Preacher. Strangely these had been hinted at in the first couple of episodes, what the hell happened? We’ve been left with something resembling a supernatural soap opera. Horrornation Street.

You should be more excited, the content continually pokes at the madness to come. It has tiny moments and it’s not enough. Fuck little moments, these should be the whole show. When you’re dealing with the absurd, have some bloody fun with it. Say what you want about nonsense Knightrider, but it knew how to have a bloody good time.



Before the show aired I considered whether an all american show could fully explore Preacher’s religious themes. Or more accurately, show Jesse’s vendetta towards a cowardly god. Sure the telly can readily show you tits and arse, huge amounts of violence, but showing religion in a poor light? In a big budget, bible-belt, American TV show? Sadly, as predicted, Preacher doesn’t fully commit. Maybe it’s building up to a giant explosion with adventure around the corner, but I’m not holding my breath.

Worse then anything, I’ve been mostly bored.

Fucking hell, Jesse’s dreary face.

I’ll get through to the end of the season, it might even improve. Each episode has 10 minutes of Preacher and 30 minutes of not much going on. I want it to improve, all the elements are in place, even now it can still be Preacher.  Right now, its very, very muh’. This very much feels like a prequel to a more interesting story.