VR: Oculus Rift – Not Review

A GAME Noir Review

I get Oculus, I dont get Rift.

Look into my eyes, not around my eyes, into my eyes

It was around 9.45pm and the night was very dark. The clouds were acting like an aggressive nightclub bouncer to the pale moon and the wind whistled its ominous tune. Not a jaunty tune, not like a showtune like the other night. I was sitting in my comfy chair settling in to my Steam list. The list of unfinished games was impressive and my brow furrowed as I contemplated my next move.

The sound of keys.

The door opened and it was my girlfriend and she had been drinking. Thankfully things had gone her way and her fists where unclenched.

“What’s up, Toots?” I imagined saying, in reality I said “Hi.” and was much less impressive.

She explained her night and she had enjoyed a computer games night with her work people, she casually dropped in that she had a go on the Oculus Rift.

Finally, not a press release, not an opinion of a person I do not know, not in optimal scientific conditions, not someone obsessed with technology willing to ignore any potential flaws. A real person’s opinion. I garbled the words, “How was it?”

I waited as she considered my question.

Finally she spoke.

“It was alright” as she left the room with a shrug.

It was indeed all right. Yes, everything was alright.