Hollywood: What they DON’T want you to know!

Number 7 is especially juicy! EXCLUSIVE

exclusive scoops about all your favourite Hollywood celebs!

You’ll never guess the following sensational anecdotes.

WOW! Honestly you will NEVER guess number 7!

  1. Remember that bit in True Lies when Arnold Schwarzenegger forces his nerdy wife Jamie Lee Curtis to sexy dance for him? That was based on a true event. Arnie’s real life obsession, no less! Big Arnie delights in dressing up Lobsters, Crabs and other crustaceans in sexy lingerie, as they dance for him in a side to side fashion. Strange but true!

    True Lobster


  2. 1920’s cartoon dog “Hot-Damn Gee-Willikers Diggidy-Dog” inspired famed actor Rock Hudson to admit his homosexuality to the world.
  3. Sharon Stone once famously opened her legs to show her Vagina to the entire world. In a film an’ everything! People wore out VHS tapes pausing it. Her muffty! In a film! Crazy. Some blokes were sitting in chairs looking at it. I’m sure it winked back.

    Gandalf sleave


  4. Sean Penn is known for his intensity, but cannot help but go weak at the knees when spying upon a puppy. 2010 film “Fair Game” suffered huge distractions when a rogue Labrador ran around on set for a whole day. This cost the production over $350,000.00 as Penn chased the puppy under a trailer.
  5. For the past 24 years Liza Minnelli has demanded a 40ft bouncy castle in lieu of the standard Hollywood trailer.

    Bouncy liza

    Ba-Doing! Again.

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