Czarface – First Weapon Drawn 


Second Bunny Drawing 

I’m hugely excited to hear of the collaboration between Czarface and Doom and this lead to some investigation. Wait! How did I miss this Czarface album?

Oh, it’s an instrumental album. Of course. They seldom gather any publicity.

I’ve never been too enamoured with instrumentals but I can be persuaded to enjoy them. I think it’s a harder ask within the simplistic beats found In your favourite rap tracks. Saying that, I did quite enjoy Dr. No’s Oxperiment, which is a quirky little thing and is wise to incorporate the word experiment. Very quirky.

The hip-hop beats are designed to compliment the vocal instrument. Draw attention to it. Make it pop. Without it, it’s empty.

It’s like listening to a 3 piece band without a soloist.

Now compare it to this?

Do I need to go on?