Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle

The inevitable happened. This obscure telly show catering to over a million people has been cancelled.

The BBC cited cost cutting as the main reason. A show with a 2 camera set-up and a man on stage.

I’m not sure it could get any cheaper.

Just a few top tips on how to save money on such a extravagant comedy show.

Radko Mladic_1

Stewart Lee in a sketch or something

  • Only use the one camera.
  • Cover Stewart Lee in advertising like a F1 car
  • Stop him from speaking out against the slow destruction of the BBC
  • Have Stewart Lee increase his media profile. For example, Stewart Lee could host The Culture Show, whatever that is.
  • Wasteful location costs such as hiring a room, could be curtailed by moving production to a classic dustbin.
Lee the Grouch

Lee the Grouch