Final Fantasy XV – A timeline of thoughts

Final Fantasy XVVVXVX

Was there a XI? No, I refuse to investigate. The numbering far too silly.

ROLL UP, ROLL UP, 10 million copies foR SALE! FINAL OFFER!

OK… Final Fantasy XV needs to sell 10 million copies to break even says game director Hajime Tabata. Seems like a lot.

Click… click… Hmm. Final Fantasy VII sold 9.8 million… man… that game lived up to the hype.

Lets see. Hmm.. Final Fantasy X sold 6.6 Million. That was an ok game…

Lets see… Final Fantasy XIII was a load of old shit… 4.95 Million and that was in 2009, 7 years ago. What was the target again… 10 million?

Final Fantasy XII was the last time they had sales over 5 million. 10 years ago. Best not look up how old Final Fantasy 7 was.

When was the last big single player release? Must have been XIII, I guess… hmm.

Right… most popular game of recent times… must be Grant Thief Oughta V. What is it with these Roman Numerals?  Lets see… 29 Million after six weeks. 60 million copies across all platforms, but it’s been released on PC and 2 generations of consoles… I don’t think Final Fantasy has that kinda pull anymore. Anyone going around expecting to sell like Grand Theft, or Call of Duty must be insane. Sales like that are the exception.

Metal Gear V was 6 million… and that had real excitement before release and was a fantastic game.

Hmm… unless this new Final Fantasy is as good as its heyday, and more importantly lives up to the hype, it might be ok … If it’s a load of old tosh, it’ll get found out real quick. We could be seeing the end of Square Enix. Then again the game director could be a big ol’ liar. Pssssf, 10 million.

final fantasy xv platinum

The Last Guardian , a Final Fantasy?

I quite liked the demo, bloody hell, that was a year ago now… oh yeah a new demo’s out today. Click… download.

Hey… it really, really could be Square Enix’s PUNCHLINE Final Computer game for sale before it goes bust.

I think I could have written that better. Sigh.

Takes sip of tea. Oh well… back to Hyper Light Drifter.



Release Date – 30th of September.

Sources / potential lies from –