Doom (2016) – Brutal Doom

New Dooms out tomorrow. Review copies haven’t been sent out.

Bet it’s going to be a giant pile of shit, or best case scenario, a load of ol’ average. Lets review the true successor to Doom. 


Update – Reviews are in. New Doom isn’t a pile of cheesehats. Shockingly it appears to be great! Woop an’ that. No idea why Bethesda wanted to hide it from critical acclaim? Still, Brutal Doom is still awesome and free to acquire.

doom marines

bit messy

Download it here.

There you go. Review over. You can play it right now. It has a kick button.

It’s everything you could possibly want from a direct sequel to Doom 2. Forget the speed, it was never just about the speed. You didn’t have to hide behind chest high walls, popping up to shoot things in the head. It was about shooting first, skill and exploring unreal but perfectly designed environments. Oh yeah, it was something of a challenge too.

Hold on, I haven’t explained what you’re downloading… ok. Brutal Doom is a mod made by very talented lad named Sergeant_Mark_IV, with a fair few contributors. The names a bit of a giveaway as there’s a teensy tiny bit of blood and gore. Hardly noticeable really. Unlike the original Doom you can look up and down, jump and it plays like your fevered imagination. Welcome to modernised history.


Doom 3. Yes. Atmospheric. Correct.

The real life, propa’ sequel from Id software was a lovely tech demo with very dark shadows and zombies. It was a fine game, but it wasn’t really Doom. I remember picking up audio logs with harrowing story. Mur.

Of course I tried the Multiplayer new Doom Beta. It did nothing special and of course, felt nothing like a 20 year old game. Would have benefited from being called anything else, claiming inspiration from ‘classic’ shooters, because the moment you say ‘Doom’ that carries the weight of expectation, with gibbering rose tinted nostalgia that you cannot possibly live up to. Yeah, thanks marketing. A good shooter doesn’t compare with a legendary one.


Looks better in action.

This is a public service announcement. Don’t waste your money on a game that doesn’t have the bulls to put themselves in the critics firing line. Wait a day or two. What’s the rush? You might find the game is incredibly broken. At least play this whilst you wait for the critical reception, or very least game fixing patches.

Seriously, don’t pre-order the new one based on nothingEnjoy this wonderful Mod to remind yourself what made Doom great in the first place. 

Brutal Doom is the closest thing we have to a proper sequel.


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