Videoball – Quick Look

Last night I went into the big wide world and attempted to play games with real life people in a bar. I’m not proud of myself. Although, I did manage to play a game I’d somehow never heard of before. What is it you cry?

Shooty-ball game. No wait Videoball!

Fair warning: – Booze was involved in this quick look. Also shouting.


It was described to me as Rocket League meets something else. I’m pretty sure you can use Rocket League plus another thing to describe nearly anything at this point.

“It’s is likes that’s Rockets Leagues meets a firsts persons shooters” = Lucioball in Overwatch,

“It’s like Rocket League plus Milk” = Cereal,

“It’s like Rocket League mashed with Rocket League”  would create a black hole.

You won’t catch me comparing things to Rocket League, oh no.

So what is a Videoball?


Its Asteroids meets Rocket League.

Best played with 4 players in a loud bar with vast amounts of booze you fire triangles at a ball. Like nearly all great multiplayer games ever, the controls are very very simple. Only control inputs come into play. The sticky thing for moving around and the buttony thing for firing lil’ triangles. You hold down the fire button down for bigger triangles, bringing more vicious shots and eventually the charged shot converts into a blocking square. Yes, tactics!


A miniature tournament breaks out, which is most excellent as everyone’s a rookie. The crowd picks up the game incredibly quickly. Always a good sign. It didn’t take long before teams break out in crazed mutterings, as they perfected cunning tactics. Or asked the sensible question “which player am I” or “Wots the fire button”.

The ships have a satisfying slip-slidey feel to them and your bullets are sufficiently weighty, as we once again roll out the classic saying. Easy to play, harder to master. It is a little worrying you are firing clones of yourself for sport, I mean, that’s no way to treat your offspring. The doomed triangle sods.bad-babysitting

So.. My diagnosis?

Videoball is a huge crowd-pleaser and a very pleasant addition to any night of friendly local multiplayer gaming.



The drunken adventure was had at Gamer Disco and yes, i was in the final. Flick’s hair from eyes and pouts.