No Mans Sky gets an update announcement

Blimey, that games company that made that game finally said some things? Good.

The Foundation update you say? Hah… I thought the game had a fine foundations. The static universe, displeasing hype and the lack of meaningful pursuits harmed proceedings. At least 20-odd year old Elite Frontier had light piracy, rising through the military ranks and most exciting of all, being a spacebus.

Saying that, I didn’t hate No Mans Sky at all, in fact, quite the opposite and I’m excited by what the foundation update represents.

Short post-release thoughts… incoming!


Only £14.99

I recalled this from my review: –

“This is not a game for hoarders. This is a game about travelling light. I am a hoarder and I do struggle with this aspect of the game”

In that sentiment, I’m really not sure what base building will achieve. I mean, you build a base. Name it “Nibble-bits Castle”, sit back and… So what? The most important part of the announcement isn’t base building, it’s…

putting in place a foundation for things to come.”

…Now that’s the bit that is really interesting. Who doesn’t like things to come!

I hope they go through my Top 10 things I want from NMS list. How many times can I request that they dump in the entire storyline from 1980’s film Flash Gordon.

No Mans Sky T-Rex

Welcome to the U-Rex

As number 1 of my list has been modded in, let’s suggest a new entry. More extreme planet variations. I mean, it’s all so safe isn’t it. Give us a decent jetpack and the ability to call our ship to our exact location, this will allow for a more extreme seed. Where are the mighty mountains, giant chasms or even the truly alien environments that we couldn’t even comprehend. Make those alien environments utterly rare, return the sense of exploration to us. You know it makes sense.

A family friendly game does not excite my happy glands. I want to be able to crash land. Reinstate my own stupidly, I don’t need protecting from it, because without without adversity, moments of elation are utterly diminished. Ok, I’m fine with the ability to turn safeguards on and off.

Some cynical chaps have suggested this announcement came at the same time as Black Friday to drum up extra sales. I’m not sure that’s even relevant at this point. The ongoing negative perception together with “overwhelmingly negative” Steam reviews, will surely put off new purchasers, especially with so many offers available. I mean Undertale is only £3.49.

Will No Mans Sky become the first fully released game to revert to an Early Access game? Not the worst idea ever. The game could have easily been abandoned and written-off by now, so ultimately this is all good news.

Later, yeah.
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