The InputError Award for best RPG 2016

“Why are we bothering with this?”

Huge overbearing applause.

“Without any more gibberish, your nominees are: -”

Hyper Light Camping

Hyper Light Camping

  • “The Witcher 3 – originally released in 2015”
  • “Tyranny “
  • “Darkest Dungeon”
  • “A JRPG”
  • “Erm… Hyper Light Drifter… why not”

“This year’s finest Role Playing Game is…”

The Witcher 3

Violent cannibalistic applause.

Wait… The Witcher 3 came out last year? Worst awards show ever! Grumble, grumble…

“Look at these screenshots, final DLC was released this year and fuck you audience” – Host grabs booze, gets in a small clown car and escapes off stage at top speed.

Witcher 3 3

Just beautiful

Witcher 3 2


Witcher 3 1

Farewell Sweet Geralt