Crowd Funded Content in January

Gather ye round, thar’ be a funding afoot.

Do you like paying for things that don’t exist? Throwing money at an idea, surely not at the screen? If the answer is yes, than you sir, are in luck!

Here’s a couple of games you can theoretically pay for, right now!

Now updated with new words such as trust and failure. 

The first is a sequel to an excellent RPG you may of heard of. Yes, it’s Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. As punts go, this is a pretty sure bet. They’ve pretty much hit their goal in the first couple of days. I can’t imagine you won’t get something out of this endeavour.

I think at this point, with the assets they’ve previously created, the worse that could happen is we’re gifted a buggy mess of a game with a rushed ending. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen and moneys thrown from all the monitors, ey… EY!

Also you might hate RPG’s.

Update – Smashing through their goal, Pillars of Eternity II had previously earned such mighty trust. Funded by 249% with 7 days to go. Not bad. 


Apocalypse Now

Dun, Dun… Dun, Dun, Dun., DUN.

Now this is a proper punt, from very, very deep down the pitch. Apocalypse Now the computer game. Thankfully steering clear of your first person slaughterfests, the intention here is to get closer to the horrors of war. The horror, the horror. The Kickstart, the kickstart.

Captain Willard

If this was the game, you’d drown. Damn you air bar!

Citing inspiration from Alien Isolation, Soma and the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series of games instantly informs what shape the game would take. You can imagine our hero protagonist Willard wafting down the river, popping pills or brooding with that lunatic stare. Oh, I hope there’s a lunatic stare button. The gathered team are a talented bunch, especially in the art of selling a concept, but a lack of prototype or tangible anything diminishes the campaign. Is the name enough?

Further game details have been muttered openly here. Sounds good dunnit. Remember, they are just sounds.

Update – A huge failure complete with premature cancellation.  Fanciful promises and empty concepts are no substitute to proven pedigree and prototypes.

This kind of Kickstart calls for the mindset of a gambler. If you go for it, that monies gone and you might not get anything back, but if things work out, you could be in for a treat.

Now stop paying for ethereal concepts and get back to work.