Pathologic: Marble Nest Demo

Good news everyone.

Pathologic gif

Not an excuse to load the page with gifs, honest.

Do you like free thingys? Did you not buy any of the highly rated games of the year? Do you have spare time? Erm, good, I think.

Hidden away on it’s steam page is a small stand-alone Pathologic demo created by the excellently named Ice Pick Lodge. Your mighty test is to find the demo button. So, you can click here for the steam page… if ya’ want.

It’s a standalone experience, so knock yourself out.

The original Pathologic was a janky survival game, that warranted praise despite it’s technical shortcomings. The good thing is that their Kickstarter had been was successfully erm.. kicked, to the tune of $333,127, plus they tarted up the original and sold it again as a HD special, see!

Pathologic gif 2

Bit ghibli-ish ‘innit

I played it, and it was fine. But oh so very janky. You take the role of one of three healers in a plague ridden town riddled with plot. Surviving by itself was tricky enough, as the town descends into bedlam and the mysteries deepen. Or it was rubbish, depending on your proclivities.

Have you find the demo button yet?