The Nice News Round Up

In a desperate attempt to provide much needed content let’s have the: 

News Round UP!

Jingle – Heres the News round up, all the stuff we dug up, stealing from other places, till our web content’s appreciated. (big ending) NEWS ROUND UP

Zelda BOTW

Run away, run away!

It appears that The Legend of Zelda: Breathing Wild is getting a stability update. Reports have come in that the patch improves the framerate issues across both Switch and Wii U versions. I guess that’s news. I mean, you turn the game on and it updates. Anyone who owns the game will find this out when they get home. Oh well, it’s all good content. That what it’s all about. Righto, whats next.

A film trailer was released and everyone was excited. Maybe. Oh and a computer game also had a trailer released and people were talking about that. No, I wont link to it, you’ll have to guess what it. Fine, I’ll give you a clue, it has fighting in it. Well, I assume the Justice League trailer does… No, of course I didn’t watch it.

Click… click…

All the real game journalists have gone to Rezzed, an event with computer games or something.

Luckey Palmer in the 80s

Luckey Palmer

The bloke that co-founded Oculus, Palmer Luckey- wait… I thought that was a pseudonym? Hah – Like this guy was ever ganna work in Tesco. That mo-fo had to be an entrepreneur didn’t he. Anyway, he left Facebook. I suspect that was always the plan. Stick around to oversee the transition and crippling lawsuit, then do a runner. Good luck on your future endeavours you giant Palmer.

Sigh.. bit bored now. What do you mean this is clickbait? No it is ruddy well not!

Man that made Bioshock says his going to make another game. Destiny 2 is a game.

Click… click.. oh this is good.

persona 5

Stylish image sir

Persona 5 looks great, if you like those JRPG type games.

Sigh, when you’ve got (deep breathe) Thimbleweed Park, Zelda, Toukiden 2, NieR: Automata, that Shovel Knight update, Battle Brothers, Torment, Resi Evil 7, Afghanistan 11, Nioh, Arghhhh.. I didn’t even play FFXV, I don’t even own Yakuza 0, AGHHH! The games! THE GAMES! MY EYES! AIIEEEEEEEEE!

… who has time for content.