Rimworld gets an update – Alpha 17

Oh Rimworld. It’s the game that keeps giving.

Not so long ago we wrote a fantastical and utterly accurate diary and even scribbled down an early access review. So I hope that gives you an indication of how much life it ate.

So please enjoy this video. Or if you’re not in the mood to watch a 20 minute vid, please enjoy a summing up after the break.

So you took the easy way out. Good for you. Who has 20 minutes spare these days?

Rimworld has introduced a snazzy perma-generated world map. Nice. Settlements an’ that. Nice. Missions in the world to travel too. Double Nice. The back-end technology’s all really very nice. This helps flesh out that feeling that you are on a real-life planet fought with danger. You can attack a randomised bandit camp one minute an’ do some trading the next, and if you’re really very lucky, get ambushed on the road.

There are plenty of other rebalancing tidbits and improvements, such as people stealing work from one another and people acting a lil’ less like robots. No longer will Bill Rice stop what he’s doing, race across the other side of the map, to cook that single unneeded meal, as you’d set an arbitrary target some time ago.

It’s all lovely stuff. But not as lovely as the new Bowler hats. Anyway, that will do. It’s sunny out, go on. Go out and get some air.