Endless Space 2: Not a review

Endless Space is a 4x space strategy nerd game. I’ll resurrect my quote from my Stellaris review.

Why, it’s a nerd game in which you do a Star Trek. You start with a single planet and attempt to best rival civilisations to take over the galaxy. Hopefully to the soundtrack of an 80’s montage sequence. You’re the best, AROUND!

The first game had interesting races, smooth presentation and was very easy to negotiate.

Yes, I liked it a lot. Now that Stellaris is out the way, I’m very much looking forward to taking over the galaxy again. Always with the taking over the galaxy. Every few weeks. I can’t help it.

Endless Space 2 is a fantastic game and I’m loving every second of it. Is it better than Stellaris? Even at this tentative stage… Yes. I think so.

Do I think the game is perfect? No.

I’m not sure the story segments and quests hold up for inevitable repeated play. I mean, if you replay this game over and over (ya know, the endless bit) than doing the same quest for the third time won’t help. Woah-woah-woah, that’s enough detail. Why isn’t this a proper review?

endless space 2

A sexy space battle, that you’ll end up skipping after the 10th time. Maybe 20th. Look, I dunno how patient you are.

Game ending crashes have stopped me completing a full game. Well, that and I utterly cocked up the first game. Yes, I was woeful. Remember guys, even the most peaceful race needs a big fuck-off military. A hotfix arrived and in my case, didn’t help. Beyond not being able to finish a game, I’m also pretty bloody sure loading the game changes things that were happening at the time. I was pretty sure a pirate fleet was hanging around that system… Hmm.

I had a lil’ check and the forums are full of bug misery and game developer, Amplitude Studios had to apologise, which I appreciate. If any of you are on the fence, I advise you to wait.

Wait until the bloody thing works.

I’m sure it won’t take long. Anyway. Look after yourselves, and each other. You pricks.