Phoenix Point: That time we chucked up a youtube clip

Bloody hell I hate adverts.

I’m glad you’ve noticed that you haven’t had to tolerate a cacophony of brightly-coloured shitty flash adverts clogging up the site. Sorry in advance for the unskippable advert on the following video.

More to the point, I’m excited about a game! The chap that created the original X-Com has turned to crowdfunding kickstarer-alike Fig to create his true successor. Lovely.

Ha! HA! I made you click ‘more’ this time. What an cad I am.


Did you watch it? Good wasn’t it. So far, so new-XCOM.

phoenix point 1

Nice lad… Nice big lad… Calm down lad.

It’s interesting to see you don’t miss shots, but your damage falls away based on distance. To combat this, enemies return fire every time you throw bullets their way. Of course, the same of rule applies the other way round. Blimey, that is a big thing. Willpower points allow for special actions and are affected by how well each side is doing. Interesting changes to the formula, I think you’ll agree.

Reading through the Fig FAQ, it’s heartening to see insanity as a gameplay factor. I wonder if our grunts will wear chicken hats and say ‘flibble’ on a total loss of willpower. It’s well worth a read.

Anyway, it’s the last day of the Fig campaign, It’s already funded and looking good. Check it out if you haven’t already. Remember, all crowd funding is a punt. Think of it this way, you’re throwing your coin down the well and that wish might not come true. On that chirpy note…

… Good day sir!