Shadow of the Colossus: The Remake

I can’t stop buying the same game, can I? 

I mean, it’s not like I don’t know how it ends. The sparse lands hold no further secrets. Why, those cheeky hidden beasts.

Forget the HD upgrade, the original 2005 version still holds up today. It’s still easy to fall into this world, even with that messy control system and antiquated graphics. Shadow of the Colossus will forever retain that magic.

Not to worry guys, inferior graphics will no longer be a concern. Soon well get to enjoy a rebuilt version, complete with singular shiny bell and possibly a whistle.

Mental note – 7th of February 2018 release date.

Something unfounded is scratching at the back of my mind, though…


Shadow of the Colossus

Look, it looks fine. Go on look.

The game engine finally matches the art direction. Lovely. The teams passion’s clearly palpable but there could be such a thing as too much reverence. If you’ve gone through the trouble of rebuilding a whole world, you might as well do more with it this time round. We’ve already had a graphical upgrade with the HD collection. We whoop as their preservation is assured.

I was surprised to hear that original game director Fumito Ueda had to submit unsolicited proposals to his own masterpiece. If there was ever a man that should be consulted… it’s him… anyway. It wouldn’t have hurt to involve original members of the team and I’m sure their insight could have been, ya know, useful. Especially if you’re going to rattle on about the originals through misty eyes.

Shadow of the Colossus

“Wellllllll… shit.”

Shadow of the Colossus

You alright, luv? Low in polygons, yeah?

An updated control scheme’s great and we all know being pretty has it advantages… but I know what I really want from a remake. To reinstate (at least) several of the 48 Colossus cut from the original game. Enlarge the map perhaps? Make the world more reactive. I’m not talking Grand-Theft style burger bars on each corner, but I’m sure we could have a little more than a few lizards on some rocks.

What I’m saying is, forget the basics of modernisation, just bloody well go for it!

You can’t make it yours if you’re too hung up on recreating the past.

Looking forward to finding out. Tenner on someone using the term “wasted potential”.