Devil Daggers

Devil Duh

Welcome to Doom / Or a prog rock album cover


Satanic Knife-set, Lucifer Shivs, Devil Chopsticks, Robert Duvall Digger.

Devil Daggers chucks you far in to the deep end. No tutorials, no guidance and a swift death.  You operate within a small space with Eldritch Monstrosities throwing themselves at you until you weep and run away. Or attempt to shoot them whilst running away, mostly running away.

Why… that could make for a rip-roaring fun time!

You shoot unnatural things. That’s it really. So how long can you last? What incredible score can you accrue? Can you work out any techniques to keep you alive long enough? Will you cave in and simply watch how far someone else gets on Youtube? You shoot and run, shoot and run. Run, run, run. Dead. Start again, run around and fall off the edge of the map. That’s the game. Its always a pleasure to shoot bullets directly from your hand, in games and at your local shopping centre.

Devil shooting

Finger shooty shoot, shoot.

In fact this game feels like it’s made for Youtube, as you’re ganna have to be pretty damn good at to see any of the latter enemies. Or last more than 20 seconds. I’m rubbish at it. Completely rubbish at it.

Oh a nice cake? Looks pretty damn tasty. Reasonably priced too.

Nice Cake

Phwoar! Cake. Serves 14.

If you’re not very good at shooty shooty games I’m afraid this won’t convert you. I assume this is reflected in the generous purchase price. So, as I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted with the promise of cake, the game is pretty much a world record attempt. The Leaderboard compares you to some other sod in the world, or maybe a friend or something. Forget story or brand new shiny game mechanics this…

Blimey, this is really good cake. All red in the middle. Looks like it’s going to be dry, but it’s not. I think its one of those velvet things. Lovely stuff. Just a slice will do.

Cake Nibble

Just a wafer thin slice.

Devil Daggers doesn’t look overly great in the screenshots, with it’s a low resolutions. In action as you glide within the confirmed spaces, dancing with the naughty Lovecraftian things, it becomes a sickening ballroom dance of your very own doom. Wot I’m saying is, it looks alright.

Lastly has there ever been better sound fx to accompany the slaughter of creatures? Maybe not. The game crackles and hums unknowable sounds, the shrieks and energy as you scamper around with your finger bullets, encourages you to stick around and try again. That’s how good the sound design is.

You’ll start over just to hear it again.

Devil Dead

You might be seeing this a few times.

So it’s potentially a very short experience as you may never last long enough, or may not return after 15 minutes. Conversely it could potentially be your most favourite game in the world. Its incredibly niche, but like most niche things it does fill a space, much like this cake I’m eating. It’s fluffy and delicate without being too sweet. A short experience, despite impressive size, due to personal extreme gluttony. It could go well with cream and although I love custard, I don’t believe it would compliment such a cake. For review purposes cake was eaten without additional garnish or fork, relying on hand in a shovelling action.

Cake Done

I regret nothing.

S6Devil Daggers is a pure simple shooter. Much like the arena online shooters of the past, without other players. I personally hated it. Possibly because I’m rubbish at the game and its not for me. That’s fair enough. For the right minded person this would be an obsession. Its well worth a punt, as it’s the price of a swanky sandwich and there’s plenty of room for such a game in your library. 

Not every game needs a story, not every game needs to be 20+ hours. A good five minutes blast before settling into some nice cake.

I feel a bit sick.