Downwell boom

Ka-Boom and friends


An independently made game? In this day and age? Well I never.

Who is this little bloke falling down a well? Why jump down a well? For riches? Fame? For Fun? Doesn’t sound fun to me. In fact it sounds horrifying.

Who in the buggary-hats came up with such a horrible concept? Let’s see if I can get past this haunting premise…

Here I am, spending far more time then is reasonable, with a simple, well honed idea. Thanks indie game developers. Eating into my precious time with such nonsense.

It’s mad really. When you consider the amount of work goes into a huge multi-platform AAA game, thousands of people cobbling it together, the talent, the huge budgets. Here I am with cheap ol’ Downwell. Sorry all the reviews I should have done. Sorry open world Mad Max. Busy, yeah.

So… how does it play? I could blah blah blah, just look below.


Graphically intense

I remember hearing about Downwell and seeing loads of static deary screenshots. Shrug. Yes, unfair pre-judgement prejudices rears its ugly head. Go on, look below.

Downwell empty

See what I mean, yeah. Actually, this looks a bit exciting.

Got me thinking it’s just another indie game.

I was hugely surprised by the quality of the animation, that suicidal little bloke really shifts. Plus the speed of the fall. it has great flow. Part of that is due to the lovely shiny…


Downwell wait

Piss off red thing

Yes, gunboots. It’s amazing to think that no-one thought of this before. Flipping your old school shoot em’ up. Creates a whole new experience.

Hey, Hey.. I guess.. it’s a matter of perspective! HAH! …., …., …., …., I’m not sorry.

I didn’t really think about the randomised levels, as you really don’t have time to consider it whilst falling to your doom. I’m glad for it, as it certainly contributed to having another go and another go, another go after that… Man I’m thirsty. And another go.

These fun lil’ little games remind me of the arcades… You remember arcades? You throw in 50 pence… remember 50 pence? Have a quick go on the game… You remember games? Have a quick play, run out money, come back the next day, have a quick play, can I have more money please?

Downwell is a quick thrill. Naughty Downwell.

Downwell bit dead

Where is the little falling bloke go- OH NO!

I could tell you more, but falling deeper into the game is half the fun. If that ol’ arcade style pleases you more then a sandwich, you should try it out. No really, it’s cheaper then a sandwich.

Scoring ‘thrills’ becomes problematic, as you might well, darn well, come back to Downwell, well into the future. Well. Let’s consult the score guide.

8On consulting the guide it appears eight seems like a fair score. It’s a great re-playable game with a killer idea. Simple things ‘ey.

There comes a time in big budget games, where you go through the motions, just to finish the bloody thing. With Downwell,


you are the motion. 

Eight. Yeah. Fair score.