Batman: Arkham VR


Who are you? Batman. No, really. I am him. 

The wonderful thing about most VR games is that they’re piss-easy to review, as you’ve finished them by the time you finished reading this.

So the ultimate question is…

… Is Batman: Arkham VR worth your money?

Also, how the hell do you give it a score?

Welcome to an exceedingly short review to match the length of the game.

batman VR

Touchy, touchy, touch. Mmmm.

In short, you are Batman.

The narrative is short but powerful. Shockingly so.

Any fan of the Arkham series of games will find this essential viewing. There are a series of Riddler puzzles for repeated play, bit of a mess-around with batarangs and some light lore to dig into. KA-POW!

Possibly the greatest introduction to any VR game is the introduction sequence as you’re transformed from Bruce Wayne into The Batman. This is the thing of childhood fantasies. You could argue VR itself is the thing of childhood fantasies. Roll up, roll up and get ya’ childhood fantasies here! All you need is a shitload of spare cash and the ability to dick around in a headset!

The game’s not without issues. Strangely this was the first VR game that was a bit glitchy to set up, as I had to fanny about with the camera to enable me to stand up and gander around. I did find the sweet VR spot and was able to continue on my merry way. Your experience may vary.

"Hey you... boy! Wot day is it?"

“Hey you… boy! Wot day is it?”

I was also mildly upset at the lack of traversal as you instantaneously appear at pre-determined spots. This was obviously created this way to stop the hilarious sickness that comes with tricking the silly ol’ human brain. Safety first, ‘ey guys. It would have been nice to have a “hardcore” mode, where you flipped down to the pavement or grapple hook around the Batcave. WHOOSH! Then again, that might have cost Warner Bros a pretty penny to animate such excitement. In many respects, we should be grateful we got this experience in the first place. KA-FLIBBLE!

This is the game everyone wants to play and it’s a tech demo. An amazing tech demo. I hope you all purchase VR to prove to the corporate money scum that a full blown Arkham Knight experience would be worth 2 years of development, just so I could be proper Batman. You selfish penny pinching bastards.

If you do take the plunge, don’t be upset with me when it’s over before you’ve started. I didn’t regret it in the slightest. Experiences such as this is why I bought VR in the first place.

8A 10/10 experience. For the princely sum of £15.99 you’re ganna have to be a huge fan for the amount of content here, yes, even with Riddler puzzles.

I wouldn’t mind a Spiderman game. Ungh, my stomach!


batman zok

Yes. Zok.