Splatoon 2 – Short Review: Nintendo Switch Version

Let’s mention the original Splatoon…. Hmm… Let’s say 7 times.

Did you ever read reviews of the original game?

You have? Don’t bother clicking more. I mean, the sequels more of the same. Have a nice day and good on ya. Mind how ya’ go.

Wait… you’re still here. Ok, here’s a description of the game?

Splatoon 2

Someones made a right bloody mess round ‘ere.

Hot from the wacky minds of Nintendo comes the sequel to one of the most inventive online shooters for years!

Transferring to the plucky Switch, Splatoon 2 changed things up by changing the focus from shooting the enemy, to covering the map in your chosen colour! Wowsers!

So how does the sequel change things up?


There are two types of people reading this. Those that played Splatoon on the Wii U and those that didn’t.

So let’s have two reviews. Let’s start with… erm…

For the crowd that has no knowledge of this thing we call Splatoon.

Splatoon 2 is an inclusive game where you will always find your niche. The game’s vibrant, charming and more then a little odd. We are handed wonderful toys to play with. You’ll wield dual water pistols, chuck ink from your trusty bucket and even employ an umbrella. Yes, like the penguin. At any time you can hammer the ZL button to turn into a floppy nippy squid, and this allows you to reload and dash through your teams inky mess at high speed. Kinky. Popping out the goo to surprise your enemies, slipping up walls and doing a squid-runner through grills allow for some interesting moments.

This is a game were you will always contribute regardless of player skill. No-one will call you noob (I hope) and it’s a pleasure to play an online shooter without the toxic baggage of those that need to win at all cost. The rounds are brief and this is an easy game to sink into for an hour or two, by mistake. Brilliantly there is a fantastic co-op mode that rewards teamwork and is a constant thrill. Strangely you can’t play at any time.. because… erm. I don’t know. Sometime’s you can play it, other times, you cannot. Keep your eyes peeled for job openings at “Grizzco”.

An online shooter in which shooting other players isn’t necessarily the primary goal.

The single player campaign doesn’t just work as an elongated tutorial. Ok, maybe it kinda does. Most levels are a gateway into trying the many weapons and techniques on offer. Each stage is short and sweet and are pretty handy for those offline train journeys. The challenge grows until your squid-jumping into hoards of enemies and some levels benefit from the whiff of light puzzling. I’m ashamed to admit, I quite enjoyed the hub levels were you have to track down the next level. Each world culminates in a big ol’ boss battle and I’m pleased to report they are inventive and I didn’t hate them.

Splatoon 2

I believe now is the time we say “weeeee”.

Motion controls are turned on by default, and you may think that a tad gimmicky, but it’s not too bad. The good news is that you have choices. Lots of choices. I prefer to use the right stick to look left and right whilst employing the gyro controls to look up and down. Naturally you can mess with different combinations until you disable them in a huff.

Splatoon is an easy game to recommend. A breezy online shooter unreliant on the crushing pressures of kill scores.

For the crowd that has already Splatoon.

Please refer to the opening third sentence.

The motion controls don’t feel as tight as they once did on the Wii U gamepad. It feels slighty laggy… maybe little bit less accurate. It still works fine, but.. it… just… doesn’t feel… quite right. Progress right.

Splatoon 2

Another daring win. Through no help from me.

A sequel brings us the gift of new weapons and stages, but we all know what we wanted. Improved online functionality. The kind that allows you to change weapons between rounds. To make a team with your friends. Ya know, the obvious changes to make. A lack of meaningful improvements to the things that needed improving contribute to a feeling that this is a thoughtless port.

The single player campaign see’s you searching for the great zapfish again. I’m sure none of you are thrilled with the prospect of another samey outing.

Lastly, much like before, we benefit from a steady supply of further content, dropping at regular intervals. Yes, most of it comes direct from the previous game. But hey, let’s not complain about that.

Splatoon 2 is a harder game to recommend to those that have already done it. Only you will know if you could stomach more.


Splatoon is a wonderful game that I’ve played before.

Wait, you didn’t own a Wii U? Never played it before? Oh, this is an eight outta ten.

Alternative game titles

Splatoon Redux X
The Sexy Adventures of Squid Boy
Big Ink 2: Ink in the City