Quiet News Day

Been a bit quiet around here hasn’t it…

If you’re tempted to spend your days lazily writing about gamey-ma-jiggers, may I offer the following handy advice?

Don’t play the Witcher 3. You won’t have time for anything else. It’s a 10/10 game, but you knew that already didn’t ya.

Sigh… Ok, quickest Witcher 3 review.

Yes, it’s as good as people say. Looks great, stories engrossing and the side missions aren’t meaningless padding, like in similar games. Even without tackling the epic main quest, doing the Witcher dayjob is incredibly rewarding. Sod collecting feathers when you can hunt a griffin. I’ve wasted nights on the game within the game, Gwent. 10/10, ok.

Oh yes… Don’t start Rimworld. An early access review will be coming (TA-DING here it is), but… busy. Must go play Rimworld.

Normal service will be resumed when my crippling addictions are in order. Or I quit my job in an explosive manner that will almost certainly impress you and your great Aunt Agnes. How is she doing? Knee still acting up? I bet this heat isn’t helping. Mind how you go, I won’t keep you.

To tide you over, here’s a picture of the greatest action film ever made.

Disinfectant Danny Glover and Andy

Coming to a cinema near you,