Satellite Reign – 4 Player Co-op

Once upon a time, back in the heady days of March, I spouted word gibberish about my love for Satellite Reign. It was in fact, the 2nd review eva’ round these parts. What a golden era that was.

Satellite Reign was a modernised Syndicate, in which 4 agents ran around the street mowing down civilians with a mini-gun. Yes, it was a delight. You can have a little read about Satellite Reign here, or look at a picture of original 90’s hit game…. here.


I love the smell of mini-gun in the morning.

You can even read more on co-op…. wait for it…. here.

You can now play the entire campaign with your three best friends (or nincompoops), each taking control of a single agent.


Yes. I bought them shields. Great 'ey.

Yes. I bought (stole) my lovely agents some shields. Great ‘ey.

The Kickstarter money-grab fell short of the co-op multiplayer stretch goal. But its arrived as a free update for all. Generous and…


I still wished they added cars, or a HQ, or nukes, but I can’t complain. I loved my time with the game. The only problem is encouraging three other friends to purchase the game at the same time. I can only imagine the pleasure of robbing a bank together.


It’s currently on a 50% sale to celebrate this momentous achievement.