The InputError Award for best new Website 2016

“Welcome to the annual InpuTerror awards 2016”

Light, limp applause.

“The nominees are…”

  • “Din Din Times”
  • “Swords for every occasion”
  • “InputError”
  • “Rate my Garden!”
  • “Dave’s Rim Shack”

“This year’s best new website award goes to…..

Fumbles with envelope for 27 minutes…


Mr Cheesegrater in a bow tie

Admire me!

Mild Applause.

“Speech… SPEECH!”

“Why, thanks. Gosh. I didn’t see this coming. I haven’t written a speech. I wish to thank Mr Cheese Grater for creating this safe space, my partner Bi-Gi Trixibelle Jnr and my manager The Villainous Sloane. Thanks Sloane! Gosh. I’ve got so many people to thank. Anyway… When we started this website we had no idea that we could be up for an award. I’m just so happy someone read it once…”

Stage Manager rotates his hands

“Ok, golly, geem thanks again everyone. Thanks.”

Pushed off stage, punched in the gut.