Faulstino’s Top 5 2016 Games Troll List

None of you have a gold plated gaming Jacuzzi. None of you matter.

Hello Little People, it is I. Faulstino Di Trickyshit. Football player, model and games entheusthac…Enthusth… Fan.

This years been a great year for me. Remember my calendar is available from all good stores! I’m particularly fond of March. Anyway, here’s a list of the best trolling efforts brought to you by the games industry this year.

Welcome to the 2016 Top Troll Games of 2016 in 2016.


A shooty-shooty game without the “player” bit of a Multiplayer only game. Classic trolling. I didn’t get a chance to play it as I was busy with Mi-Mi in the Maldives.

Batman: Arkham Knight: PC

Ported to the PC as cheaply as possibly guaranteed a broken PC Batman. What do you do after that? You cleverly grab as much of that sweet DLC cash as possible, whilst promising fixes that will never come. Refunds were begrudgingly given, but only till the end of 2015. Wonderful! Even better, Warner Brothers took peoples dosh for a Linux pre-order that was cancelled soon after. You had to enquire for refunds yourself! Amazing work! This should really be higher on the list, but I’m sure Warner Brothers can try harder. Best of luck for next years list. I believe in you WB.

Batman Arkham Knight linux

Thanks for the cash, yeah!


Only £14.99

Street Fighter V

A brand new fighting game in 2016 without any meaningful single player content… No problem, it concentrated on the multiplayer aspect. Oh, and was released without any cheating bastard safeguards. A fantastic pisstake…. Hahahahahaha… Hahahaha…. Hahhhrrrrr.

No Mans Sky

This was a magical effort. It’s not everyday customers take you to court for misrepresentation. Spoiler… they got away with it.

Pokémon Go

It didn’t work on release and it isn’t a game. I fucking love Pokesmans Gos!

Pocket Mortys


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

What a fantastic shit show. Possibly the best stealth action game of our time ruined by a useless greedy publisher. It doesn’t get much better then Del Toro telling you to fuck off.

Guillermo del Toro FUCK KONAMI

Oh dear.

There you have it. Some top trolling this year, you’d have to agree. Stay tuned for a leaked sex tape of my best friend and teammate. Hopefully coming soon. Soon as I get round to setting it up.