Welcome 2017!

We have an exciting, crash-bang-wallop start to Season 2 of InputError. A website you can trust.* 

Mr Cheesegrater in a bow tie

Admire me!

I’m exceedingly happy to note you’ve not only returned, but dressed up for the occasion. You look absolutely marvellous today and that bow-tie really brings out your eyes. Now the horrific end of year awards show has passed we can get back to business.

What can you expect this year?

The great review round up! What does that mean?

Come on in and I’ll explain.

Foghorn Leghorn

“I say, I say, B-B-Bitch, where ma’ money!”

We plan to review our short review scores from 2016. Most websites are content to fire off wild opinions to never again consider the judgements rotting in the slipstream of time. Snap judgements populate the world and too many people remain inflexible. So we shall endeavour to revisit every review, to check whether each game deserved its particular fate. Who knows, time might thaw miserable opinion or enliven a bright idea. Odds are we’ll hold firm our stubborn views and become possibly angry at revisiting this shit. Let’s see where this takes us.

What else?

The great Xmas backlog continues and you can expect short reviews of the games that got away. We might even carry out a real review of that Uncharted 4. That could be fun. Especially as we broke the review embargo by the cunning foresight of not actually playing the game. Expect to see proper reviews of Final Fantasy XV when it has been mined of all content, and not pissed out as quickly as possible for a release date review. Oh the games media, forever writing “first” on their own websites.

Ren crazy

Having a “moment”

We might consider writing about the complete rubbish films viewed over the festive period, maybe. I mean you already know about Suicide Squad don’t cha’. I dunno, it could be fun to have a quick natter about that and others. There’s a good chance we’ll ignore the current hit releases to concentrate on retrospectives of unheralded classics and utter trash.

We shall persist with deeply unpopular favourites, such as Songs On Loop and Hey it’s that Guy, if I can persuade Joey Jo Jo to churn out a few more, after these messages from our sponsors.

I hope you look forward to all this and more! Before we are taken off air and correctly sued.





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