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Shocking secrets from that Tinseltown!

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1. Margot Kidder promoted a series of avant-garde Ryvita adverts in Japan. Margot even went so far to write and sing an original jingle: –

“Ryvita, Ryvita, I wish I could eat ya”.

She lost her entire fortune on the endeavour.

margot kidder ryvita

Fun Fact – Only 6 Ryv-hats were sold on the open market.

2. Famed cartoon hound Hot-Damn Gee-Willikers Diggidy-Dog wrote, directed and starred in “Gone with the Wind” under the pseudonym Syd Little, who went on to write classic black and white Rom-Com “Cheese Martin and the Cream Crackers.”

3. Star Wars.

4. The 1941 Academy Awards Ceremony opened its arms to all creeds and colours by creating the ” Best Supporting Foreign Bloke” category. This backfired spectacularly after the academy forgot to include any foreigners.

5. After stinging reviews of Meet Joe Black, pouty dreamboat Brad Pitt gorged on several luxury boxes of Ferrero Rocher. The worst thing about it. Brad doesn’t even LIKE Ferrero Rocher! But don’t worry girls, he still kept his slinky figure!

6. Tom Cruise likes trains.

Cruise Trains

He just loves trains.

7. Johnny Depp and Frank Langella bickered constantly on the set of “The Ninth Gate”. Thankfully violence was averted after Frank and Johnny realised their mothers both had the same name! Frank and Johnny became the best of friends from that day forward!


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