Happy Happy Happy Mew Mer!

Indeed yes! Yes indeed.

Would you like a list? A LIST OF THINGS AND GAMES FROM THE PREVIOUS YEAR? Like a rounding up an’ that.



Fair enough.


Look. These lists are all the same, it’s either your God of your Wars (it’s pretty good) or ya’ annual Assassins Cheese (it’s pretty good) and the same ol’ or same ol’ (they are all generally quite good). True games of the year are personal and those lists fly close to windy pretension. Yes… we are in danger of listing indie games with a novel idea that wears thin after 5 minutes, but hey, you ain’t never, gone play em’, will ya’ and I want to show off. Ok… let try this novel approach…

What games gave me pure unadulterated joy regardless of critical acclaim or your impending judgement and disagreeable face.

It turns out I still love web-slinging around town and Spiderman had me hooked (no… not webbed. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU) until I’d unlocked everything. Special shout out to Frostpunk for consuming my life for a good few weeks and I’m still playing the incredible Battle Brothers to this day.

Spider-Man Selfie

I even had the cheek to take more pictures after the gallery nonsense.

Most of my year’s memorable experiences come from the world of VR. Critics are swift to kick new tech after they’ve rinsed it for free. For some reason they become obsessed with sales figures but not the quality of the thing itself, anyway; Wipeout blew my mind and tummy. Two of the greatest platform games of the year came in the shape of Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Moss, not to mention all the noise I’ve heard about Tetris and Beat Saber. There’s not enough time is there?

Lastly, I’ve taken the Switch with me everywhere and have spent everyday chipping away at Smash Bros. Game of the year? More like game of each passing moment of your life…. “Hey Joey Jo Jo… do you have a game of the year?”

Overcooked 2 and Yakuza 0.”

You did play overcooked until you completely aced it. Nice one.


Why… it has to be Annihilation.

Annihilation Shimmer

Welcome to the Shimmer, we’ve got fun and games.

BlacKkKlansman was a memorable film and what’s not been said about Avengers: Infinity War? All I can add is that the person who bodged together Marvel’s flowcharts for the last 11 years is a very clever lad.

Thor Ragnarok was a very close second. One of the very few films to successfully get that nonsense 80’s feel without directly ripping if off. A re-watchable gem that I’d spent the year raving about.

Hey you… yes you Joey Jo Jo… what was your favourite film of the year? No… last year.

Dunno, maybe a three way tie between Annihilation, Avengers: Infinity War and Vice. I’m struggling to pick one single film.”

Nice one.


You know.. nothing comes to mind? It’s all been very watchable but nothing jumps to the fore screaming “I’m the best”. Altered Carbon was lavish and Ozark was fun, but… ya know… *stares into the distance thinking of tumbleweed*…

… cough. I was pleased to see a mild return of decent British drama’s in the shape of Killing Eve and the brilliant Trust. That Bandersnatch thing was a lot of fun and created a lot of discussion…

… So… Telly show of the year is…

Inside No. 9, has had some of the tightest short form writing I’ve ever seen and series 4 was no different. The Halloween special did what very few TV shows do… surprised me. A special note for Bob and Paul Gone Fishing which kept a permanent smile on my face, which is pretty good for a couple of old blokes having a nice little sit down.

Inside No. 9

Actors doing the acting.

Hey Joey Jo Jo… what was one of your favourite TV shows of the year?

I liked Killing Eve. It made murder funny.


Well… I’ve had enough of this now. Any last words Joey Jo Jo?

No… watching telly“.