The Bernard Bresslaw “I suspect, he is secretly a Very Hairy Man” Award 2016

Michael Fassbender

Stage ready

“Away from the sparkle of Tinsletown, we suspect these A-List dreamboats are very hairy men indeed”

“Your hairy nominees are:-”

  • “Leonardo DiCaprio”
  • “James McAvoy”
  • “Terry Crews”
  • “Michael Fassbender”
  • “Zac Efron”

“I’m pleased to announce the winner is…”

Michael Fassbender

“Known to be an incredibly hairy man off-set… still, this was a surprising win!”

Michael Fassbender stage 2

Stage 2

Yes; what a shock! I felt sure DiCaprio was going to win again!

Enthused lady applause.

Micheal Fassbender

Stage 5