Foul Play

PS4 Version

Just Foul

The gift of a free game on PSN. How delightful!

Except that it’s not really free, as you had to pay for the privilege of online play in the first place. Oh well, you can’t complain can ya.

Oh, I bloody can!

Foul Play is a 2 player side-scrolling brawler and I’d admit it. I have a soft spot for such games.

As I had a few friends round I thought, this could be fun…

Foul Play 2

Cool, can’t wait to play as Scampwick!

… only to be mildly embarrassed by the following error.

Foul Play lost connection

Was it now… WAS IT.

Da’ fuck?

Your connection to the other player was dropped.

Maybe I have to log off the other 2 pads? Nope. Reset the console? Nope. Oh, one of my mates profiles didn’t log in, so maybe if he puts his password in and… nope… felt sure that would solve it.

Da’ fuck?

It’s been out in Europe since February 2016 and had been released on Xbox since 2013. Is there no quality control? This is pretty basic stuff. A short check of the ol’ intenets reveal that this is a known issue since the games release… last year. 

Da’ fuck!

I guess one of us will play it single player and so far, so brawlerly. To add insult to injury the 2nd player regularly pops out the single player to gob out some dialogue, before retreating back into the solitary player. The cheek.

Foul Play 1

Smack and that

It’s a shame as it looks like a neat little game. Ok, it looks a but like a neat little flash game, but that doesn’t matter. Although basic I quite like the presentation, with the set changes and whooping crowd that cheer your mighty combos. I like the parry mechanic. It’s quite likeable.

Without the second player, I’m not interested. This isn’t the kinda game I want to play by my lonesome.

Maybe I could play it online? After 5 minutes of waiting in a room and several attempts to find a quick game I gave up.

Completely gave up.

Da’ Fuck outta 10