Don’t Shit Your Pants

dont shit your pants 1


More of a cautionary tale then a game, channelling the tenants of inner strength, peace and intelligence. 

Similar to Witcher 3 in tone and scope, Don’t Shit Your Pants is an epic open world room with multi-branch choice system. Incredibly stressful as the timer slowly ticks down to a brown conclusion. You must act purposely, but within reason.

The only downside to the whole experience is you have to actually use word things. I hope that doesn’t put off GamerDownStreet.

In a surprising turn of events you can play Don’t Shit Your Pants for free, in your browser here

I will admit its a tad old now, but well worth remembering. In fact it would be wise to remember such an important lesson in gaming history, to pass down such knowledge to the next generation.

The humans that created this went on to create the brilliant Rogue Legacy that deserves lashings of praise.

Dont Shit your pants


Good luck and remember, if all else fails. Cheat.