My Top 3 E3 Announcements: Definitely, Maybe

Editor – A new face appears! Let’s have a quick peek at his crazed E3 Mutterings.

You want my top 3 E3 announcements? You got them! Firstly, I would have put more but I thought a top 3 was enough for you guys. I would have loved to be there though right in the heart of it, rubbing shoulders with weird corporate folk pretending to be trendy when really they just want your monies, so here goes!!!

I’d just like to say, E3 wasn’t terrible this year. There were many wow factors, a lot of nodding heads and waving of arms so surely that’s positive… oh and there was more VR. We like VR right?

3. XBOX ONE Custom Controller

Firstly, don’t touch MY controller! It’s something said from sibling to sibling, friend to friend and enemy to… wait, we have no enemies here. We all love the feeling of our own controller and lets face it, we would all love to customise our own hardware but hardly any of us have the skill for all that, plus once you alter your hardware in any way that mother f*%ker is void.

I’m really excited about the idea of millions of combinations despite knowing I’ll go for a simple clean grey look with black buttons and if possible one red trigger just for bants.



2. Fifa 17 The Journey

Not to be confused with a simulation game in which you travel as Wayne Rooney in a ridiculously expensive car from home to the training ground and back oh no no no, this is something better (for some).  I can’t wait to fulfil my childhood dreams of becoming a professional footballer, working my way through the academy, earning an international call up and sleeping with really old prostitutes despite having a supermodel for a wife, honestly I can’t wait.

We have seen EA attempt this kind of thing before with their American sports games (American throwy ball & American bouncy ball) but this will be the first time they produce a real in depth (hopefully) football  (soccer for the yanks) experience that we can truly enjoy. Their previous attempts at a solo player campaign have been a bit, well really sh*t so here’s hoping The Journey will turn out incredible!

young Rooney

procedural hair plug simulation

1. Sea of thieves

Come on guys, who didn’t want to be a pirate as a kid? Well now we can… as grown ass adults. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! We saw a bit of Sea of Thieves last year at E3 then it went a little dead. I actually worried if it was even going to be released. (what happened to Fable Legends? Genuine question) Well Sea of thieves is very much alive and sailing.

I just want to sing pirate songs and plundering topped off with a wee bit or murder, that’s the pirate life right?

crap Pirate

Fearsome Pirate


Special Mentions to Zelda Breath of the Wind because it’ll be awesome, Project Scorpio because, well, PROJECT SCORPIO and Titanfall 2 single player!!! YES FINALLY!!!