Top 3 E3 Announcements: Kinda

 E3! C’mon, say hooray with me! “HOORAY!”

Get excited little people as marketing departments go into overdrive! We can’t ignore marketing now, can we!

With instant information at our fingertips the Electronic Entertainment Expo’s barely relevant these days. I’ve no idea why any games journalist would waste their time going, when you can watch all the trailers from the comfort of home.

So buckle up for the top 3 announcements that excited me this week, as I sipped tea from the comfort of my chair.

3. Tyranny

Back in March I raised an eyebrow, almost to the point of breaking face orbit, as I had received an email. As a backer of Pillars of Eternity, Obsidian wanted to inform me of a brand new game they’ve been working on. I will admit, this was wonderful news and I may have said “woop” in my head. I wouldn’t debase myself by saying it out loud (potential lie). A gameplay trailer has fallen out of the sky thanks to the great gods of E3. Thanks, yeah.

Tyranny is a isometric RPG, in which you play as a judge and genial executioner in a subjugated land. Sounds relaxing. You shape the land with decisions that are always correct and almost certainty won’t come back, to bite you in the ass.

Official website here

2. Zelda: Breath of the Wind

C’mon. This was a given. Open world Zelda looks incredible.

Lets hope there isn’t a tower for Link to climb to “reveal” the map. The best thing to do at this point is watch it below.

1.  Phoenix Point.

I’m cheating. This wasn’t revealed at E3 because I can’t stress enough how redundant E3 is.

Julian Gallop, one of the creators of the original X-Com is back with what looks like the natural evolution of the genre. Procedural combat, responsive alien threat and factions with their own agendas. Agendas! Dont you feel the excitement already! Isn’t Phoenix Point exactly what a trade fair is for?

When I say responsive alien threat I really mean it, the Aliens psychically change depending on how your murdering them.

Full write up from an excellent Rock Paper Shotgun article here. Very much worth a read.

I mean, who didn’t know Titanfall 2, Dishonoured 2, or something else: number, was coming. Who gets overly excited at that? Cheering for the inevitable. Why do people get excited over none-gameplay trailers? Who the fuck goes to these events to cheer businessmen?

Special mention to Insomniac’s Spiderman game. Who knows, they might do it justice. I said might, I still remember “Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One”. Capacity to disappoint.

There you have it, wasn’t too painful was it? Rest easy E3, you go lay down. Have a nice little rest.