FIFA vs Pro: Fan debate

We’ve taken two rabid fans and have asked them to put five tough questions to one another. 

Meet Gamerdownstreet – Fan of FIFA, please tell us about yourself?

I’d bought both FIFA & PES back in 2005, FIFA was better back then so ever since I’ve been loyal. F*%k these questions. In actual fact, don’t continue reading just go and buy FIFA 17 on XBOX One. I am not biased, screw you reading this right now, how about you go outside for once and enjoy the sunlight? Has Pokémon Go got boring for you already?! Yeah, YOU were probably one of those nerds spending real money on it too. Wait, what am I here for again? Ohhh yeah, FIFA vs PES. Sorry Scott, please go ahead.

Thank you for that rabid, unhinged outburst. Now Scott – Fan of Pro

The golden years of PES brought arcadey football to the small screen and it felt like real football, with through-balls, clever runs and one-twos. I slowly lost interest with both games throughout the years, as the yearly updates took it’s toll and a focus on tedious realism took hold. Last year’s Pro brought me back and I’ve been singing it’s praises ever since.

To be honest, I was a bigger fan of Sensible Soccer, but that went missing a long time ago.

Enough of this. To the questions!

First up, Scott asked Gamerdownstreet the following: –

1. Role reversal. If FIFA lost the licenses, would you still buy it?

F*%k no, that’s one of the main reasons PES sucks major balls, who the f*%k wants to play as Manchester Red or Merseyside Blue? GIVE ME REAL TEAMS!!!

Sidenote: F*%k PES, they bought the rights to the Nou Camp this year so Barcelona have no official home ground on FIFA in FIFA 17… Konami c*nts.

2. What do you hate most about Pro?

See my previous answer… F*%k sake, they are a bunch of cheap wankers, just get the damn licenses!!! Oh and the button layout is soo f*%king terrible.

3. What’s the best thing about this years FIFA?

This year, has to be The Journey. Little Alex Hunter, taking him all the way from Sunday league as a kid to the national team, it’s an awesome game mode. I really can’t wait to complete it next week so I can get back to career mode and online clubs.

4. Name one feature you would introduce to both games.

Well, both the gameplay for both games are good enough to keep their loyal fans happy. If I had to introduce one thing for BOTH… it’ll have to be Eva Carneiro, I know she’s not the Chelsea team doctor anymore but I think all teams on both games should have a different version of Eva when a player gets injured. Imagine; Andy Carroll gets injured (which isn’t rare) then a beautiful cut scene of a digital Eva Carneiro running onto the pitch plays in slow motion while players just take it all in. Beautiful.

Very good Gamerdown Street.

FIFA 2017

Some miserable faced bloke in FIFA.

Gamerdownstreet asked Scott the following: –

1. PES is a piece of shit, you’re a piece of shit for buying it, you piece of shit… Oh you want me to ask you questions? Do you like The Journey mode that PES has introduced this year? It’s ok, I’ll wait…

I started my single player career mode and have been blown away by the non-existent story. Meaning the second season will probably be just as good as the first. Concentrating on improving “lil’ Scott’, getting into the first team, before asking for a transfer somewhere else has been fun. I can fantasise about meeting Ryan Giggs and punching him later. Of course, both of these modes are pissed on from a great height when compared to basketballs NBA2K17, now that’s a game with slick presentation that’s nailed the single player story. Next time I see you, I shall give you a huge shit-covered hug and you’ll enjoy that squelchy sensation.

2. PES was once a FIFA killer, but since PES 3, I have never played it and thought that it’s genuinely better than FIFA. What makes PES 2017 better than FIFA 17 this year?

Smooth action on the pitch. A long time ago, PES felt “right”. Like real life, every players useful (even donkeys) and you can use your own player skill to combat Messi and Ronaldo spam. I’ve always felt Fifa was a series of over animated systems, mashed together. Last year’s PES was the first football game in years that felt “right”. What do I mean? The passing and tackling’s crisp, long balls are as useful as tik-tac (mmmm tic-tacs) football, the players react like they should, you react to the openings carved out. You can’t rely on the same ol’, same ol to score a goal every time. 

3. As my main console is an Xbox One, I hate shooting with X and I really don’t like having to change the button layout of any game. On your PS4, do you think shooting with □ rather than ○ is acceptable?

Give it 20 years, you’ll be furious when control schemes change again. You sir, are not future-proof. 

4. Name one feature you would introduce to both games.

Massive corruption.

You know, the usual. Dodgy agents, players betting on their own games, mountains of coke, spitroasts, securing the World Cup vote, purchasing a new villa for the Mexican referee. Doing the Alex Hunter story properly. Do I go to training today or have sex with 5 of my teammates? A teammate has mocked you, do you A: Laugh it off, B: Have a go, C: Break two of his fingers and set fire to his cashmere coat?

Very good Scott.

There you have it folks. What a lively and interesting question and answer session.

I think there is only one winner today, and that’s football videogames. What did we learn? Almost very little, no-one ever learns. No-one.

Goodnight everyone, stay safe and look after one another. Unless you’re FIFA; then it’s the code of the streets an’ you best protect ya neck.