Nintendo Switch: First Look

On a talk show, within a controlled environment.

Warning: May contain Zelda gameplay. Please get excited… Now.

Blah blah blah, just watch the video from 5:40 to jump to Nintendo Switch action. No, I won’t force you to click into the article to register your interest in the matter. No, I wont force you to read my pathetic account of the video, forcing you to you scroll to the bottom of the page to hunt down the juicy video available everywhere.


My first initial thought is, aw, the Wii U was a pretty good machine and this once again the Nintendo Switch confirms it’s death. Although, on the other hand, it move along the Wii U’s core concept quite nicely. A slight revision, rather then an abandonment of an idea.

It’s pretty fun watching Fallon act out his fanboy-ish tenancies, speaking over Reggie with what we, the excitable game nerds, already know. Aren’t we all screaming “get on with it Reggie” at the screen?

Nintendo Switch

It’s-a-me! Link!

The Nintendo Switch’s gimmick is it looks like a home console, but it’s a actually a powerful handhead device… which is pretty cool. Makes sense that Nintendo’s caressing smart phones, whispering gently into their ears whilst we’re not looking.

This miserable commutes to work would be much improved with such a device, and who doesn’t love gaming under the bed covers in winter. I had to drag the Wii U console into the middle of the room before I could jump in bed with it at an odd angle. Lost connection my arse. Also, stop creating your own filthy jokes, we won’t allow smutty bed innuendo around here, especially secretly in your own brain in front of your unknowing co-workers. If you’ve washed your brain out let’s continue.

Skyrim Switch

Is that… Skyrim? Really? Playing that on a 20 minute train journey to work? Will take me that long to get through the menu screens. Nar thanks.

So reservations?

Will people ever use the 2 player gaming anywhere, but a planned long train journey? It seems to cater to a issue that doesn’t exist for us regular humans, that happen to play computer games. I suspect a fair few people will meet up outside just to play 2 player game on the Switch, rather then think, oh, let’s play a 2 player game whilst we happen to be out.

Also, no touch screen? Hmm… doesn’t appear so. It means certain Wii U games can’t be ported over to this new device. That’s a bit of a shame. Then again, nothing says you can’t have both consoles, especially as the Wii U’s pretty low cost and you can plug your Gamecube controllers in there.

Lastly… Zelda looks great dunnit!

I’m not sure how the gaming press get so excited about it either way.

Oh no! Nintendo’s fucked up! Oh great! This machine will change the world! No-one knows yet, so let’s all sit back, hum in our rocking chairs and clutch that trusty shotgun whilst protecting my porch.

Here’s hoping it’s a great lil’ console, as I know Joey Jo Jo will end up owning one.

Now get off my porch.