Rocket League be Free (this weekend) – It was, honest

On steam anyway, elsewhere gets a minor discount. I tell you this for several reasons…

Firstly it is a fantastic game.

If you hadn’t already, you should try Rocket League at least once. At the price of ‘nought, you have no excuse.

Rocket League 10 game

Joey Jo Jo’s hot 10 game streak

Rocket League is one of the few online games I still play regularly. Even with potential troll contamination. Don’t let them put you off, there are plenty of welcoming players. Remember, anyone blaming a newbie for a loss is an insecure flawed fool. You can read our end of season story if intrigued, but there’s a two drink minimum before entry and you need an air-horn for the big ending.

Secondly the more of you playing, the better populated the servers are. That means I get to play without hanging around.

Lastly, I get to beat you.

commando bennett

“I can beat you, I don’t need teammates!”

Free on steam and a pound or two cheaper everywhere else. Don’t tell your friends, this is our special secret.