Azkend 2

SHORT Musical REVIEW: PS4 Version

How do you review a 3-in-a-row matching game?

I have no idea…

…oh i know! We shall use the medium of rap.

FIVEWell, the rap gave it a 5 which I feel is a bit harsh. Joey Jo Jo, anything you would like to add?

Actually, the video fades out just as I got a “Nice!” 16x combo. Thanks for that.



What the fuck is an Az kend two? Come, take my hand, we’ll find out. Just me and you!
Another match three puzzler, OH SHIT! Step back bitches, I’m all on this!
Let’s squint, peruse the screen, hit begin and get to sweet, sweet screen cleanin’, ’til we scream, “why am I giving a shit”.
In-between tricky screens you’ll witness insanity, ya sit through narrative tragedy…
ya ganna steal nautical themes, you might as well nab it from Vern’s something something league, under the sea.
The controls are pernickety, rickety hands don’t lead to blissful screen clearing epiphanies.
So what’s the big unique, the righteous insistence, the thing that makes it oh-so-different?
Strange shaped levels, and everyday special Powers!

Depth charges, sailor gear an’ seashells, the man’s playing this, he aint got no sextants
spyglasses, lightning, can’t give a shit, match 3 things and dats all it is
You can defrost the blocks, till your body rocks, as we negotiate the bugs and padlocks.
Reward for finishing a batch of levels, is regrettable spot the ball. Bonus be fuck all!
Tight time limits means that you got to be supreme. No time to waste.
So you want to talk graphics? You want a cutting line? Wanna reason to justify this rhyme?
Do you really need a score, just look at this thing.. ok fine, I’ll deliberate and give it a five.
It does the job, picture in picture, and pleasant conversations as you presently dribble.
A bit like when three colours meet, we disappear, give a nod and fuck off and pop.