The InputError Award for best Film called “I, Daniel Blake” 2016

“Ha-HAH! Please stop talking Dave, you bother me…”

I, Daniel Blake

Clearly the winner right?

Massive applause from a goat.

“Films have the power to make us laugh, cry and spontaneously combust. Award shows are ultimately pointless, what is the point of it all. The nominees are… ”

  • “Deadpool”
  • “I, Daniel Blake”
  • “Louis Theroux: Savile”
  • “The Hateful Eight”
  • “Captain America: Civil War”
  • Batman Vs Supe-haha… hahaha… hahahahaha
  • “The Big Short”  – Yeah… it came out the end of December 2015, so what.

“Muh, who cares…thewinneris…”



“Who, me?” He says breaking the fourth wall. How tiresome.

Films like Deadpool don’t really win awards do they? I mean we should pick the powerful, bold, miserable I, Daniel Blake… But.. Ya know… Sod it. My expectations for Deadpool were pretty low and I was pleasantly surprised.

Wow… I did not watch many films this year… Sigh… How far cinema has fallen. Ganna go watch that new Star Wars in a minute… Hope that a lot of fun.

You’re more likely to find adult, intelligent content off the silver screen.  C’mon big-budget films, snap out of it! Pay the fucking scriptwriters.

Hey… wanna watch the best recent Batman film? Track down and watch the 2012 animated Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. It’s fantastic.

One handed applause and fade to black.