The InputError Award for best Games Newcomer 2016

“Ha-HAH Dave, that’s right… to the next category. Who will win best new computer game of 2016?”

Intermittent applause, a man screams.

“Who likes the word IP? Or franchise? You people… Casually accepting corporate language…. What next, will you all “touch base?” I bet you all “do lunch”… You make me sick. And the nominees are… ”

Headmaster 3

Looks busy right?

“Pass me the envelope Dave….Look, just pass it… for fuc-… Hey now! AND the winner is…”

Enter the Gungeon

Gungeon 2 player

Enter the Gungeon 2 player style. Can warp to each other and can take on the boss together for an epic fight.

Stellaris disappointed on release and I’ve not been compelled return or to pay extra for a better game. The popular vote says Overwatch but this is a cruel dictatorship based on truth, virtue and mince pies. A slick online shooter… get outta here!

The Witness is alright; Man! People get over-excited about neat lil’ things. Thumper’s great but simple. Didn’t get round to Owlboy but I suspect it’s very pleasant… I wonder if Owlboy’s the real winner. Games like Stikbold never win do they? Was a tempting choice.

It was a close one between Tyranny, Headmaster and Gungeon…

In the years to come I know I’ll return to Gungeon… I’m not so sure about the other two.

Righteous applause.