Enter The Gungeon

Got Gunegoned

Got Gungeoned



I’m in love with Enter the Gungeon, it plays great, its replayable and I already know, even at this early stage, that I’ll regularly come back to it over the coming years.

But this is the internet. We can’t have nice things, so lets completely tear it apart. That’s what you want, isn’t it? You filthy internet scum, you disgust me.

Ominous Doors

Ominous Door. Welcome to the ominous review.

This game is rubbish I say, rubbish. 

  1. Another twin-stick shooter with permadeath, random level generation an’ all that shit. Bloody hell, have we not had enough of this! What’s wrong with you people? Don’t you want new things?! What’s permadeath? Glossary if required.
  2. It’s a poor man’s Binding of Isaac. What a disgusting rip-off. From level design, to the boss battles, an original thought could barely be found. Pathetic.


    Isaac’s taken a turn

  3. Randomised guns and items? Just like the Binding of Isaac, again!? Isaac’s items twist and morph your poor little character with incredible finesse. By the time you’ve picked up a few power-ups, Isaac could very well end up looking like a monster… or a stumbling mess. Gungeon is content to play it safe. Less work for art department yeah? Just render a new gun yeah? Lazy bastards.
  4. Fucking pixel art again!
  5. Plus all the artwork, including enemies in game, are based on bloody bullets and weaponry. Oh… La-dee-da- How original.
  6. The game degenerates into bullet hell hideousness, especially prevalent in boss battles.
  7. Erm… err. The option screen is black and white.
  8. I got shot a lot and had to start again.
Exciting Dive

Jolly Exciting Dive

You Sir, have been talking UTTER PANTS.

  1. To be fair… this does make the entire review a moot point, as you’d already know if you’ll enjoy Enter the Gungeon or not.
  2. Enter The Gungeon has taken the premise of the Binding of Isaac and has created its own beautiful thing. Plus procedural generation means you’ll get something different every time, that surely can’t be a problem? Oh no, more content! Whilst Isaac has a rather floaty, spongy feel to it (mostly cos as you’re shooting tears), Gungeon fully embraces its namesake and is far more traditional, as bullets tend to be rather quick. Anyway, what’s wrong with incorporating proven ideas from other games?
  3. Tight character movement and a plentiful supply of toys and tricks keep the game fresh, Gungeon further deviates from similar games, with a plethora of original guns and items. A massive improvement is that you can instantly teleport to points on the map. Nice! Plus an increase in on-screen bullets aimed your way, together with a dodge roll, really makes a difference. It helps with the illusion that you’re incredibly skilful, as you dive past a hail of bullets, shot-gunning a mook at point blank range.
  4. I love pixel art.
  5. That lends itself fantastically well to repeat viewings , as you’ll start noticing wonderful little details. It’s positively charming. The animations been crafted with care and attention that never makes for a dull moment. Even if you’ve seen it several times before. Oh, and you can instantly skip bosses introductions, which is hugely appreciated.
  6. Turning tables over to create makeshift cover, becomes highly important. Easily forgotten in the outrageous bullet excitement. Plus you’ve a power called Blanks that clears the screen of bullets. Plus your characters dive is especially good at avoiding trouble and charming (see previous point about being charming). It’s a manageable bullet hell.
  7. The menu’s comprehensive and I was able to change the controls to my heart’s content.
  8. Piss off.

Additional news update. I haven’t come across any bugs. Can’t remember the last time I said that with a new game. Plus the devs appear to be updating the game at a speedy rate. Till next time, take care of yourselves and each other.

9I can only imagine the misery in your heart, if you disagree with the score. Yes, you may not enjoy twin stick shooters. Yes, you may consider it derivative. But by jove this is an excellent game. 

 Let the score guide guide your precious sensibilities.