The InputError Award for best Playstation VR 2016

Nods, “been a fair few VR reviews ’round these parts.” Chews grass.

Ethereal applause.

“‘Ello thar, I’ve taken’ over t’ ‘osting duties. Ey. Nominees be: – ”

Driveclub VR


“Winner ey’…”


Nimble hard to catch applause.

Headmaster 3

Looks busy right?

It was a tough choice, all of the above were viable winners. I’ve spent more time in Driveclub and EVE, but Headmaster inspired more laughs with catastrophic breakouts of mild disco dancing. I just wish they released more multiplayer maps. Give us group bowling and darts dammit, you already did the hard work!

Each game on the list represent a different virtual experience. Flying a space fighter, driving a car or sitting in a horror-coaster.

Before the PSVR was released I went to a demo event and everyone wanted to be Batman. This was the main event and provided more then a few jaw dropping moments. Despite it’s short running time Batman VR gave us a glimpse at the next stage of entertainment fantasy. How exciting. The same could be said for Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR. This single level has the potential to inspire joyous tears from the X-Wing vs Tie Fighter generation. So for all those people that denigrate the cost and brevity of these cherished moments, fuck off. It is bloody expensive, it is not for everyone and it can make you sick, but I’ve been waiting for VR since Lawnmower Man.

Lastly,  it would be foolish not to mention the Resident Evil demo. Simply, try it.

OK, that’s enough… back to this nonsense.

“Oh-ey, by gum. On with the awards show!”